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Woman, wife, mother, expatriate, entrepreneur, life coach, trainer, Pilates lover, tornado of the house and Chief Happiness Officer….

Welcome to my world!

My relationship with Pilates has been obvious for more than 10 years. Regular sports practice since my drastic weight loss, and then while being pregnant or during postpartum, I have been able to experience it in different schools and in several countries at key times in my life. Finally at the dawn of my 40th birthday, I dared to take my place by certifying myself as a Pilates instructor (matwork and machines) and as a Fascia Trainer more recently, combining passion, mission and profession.

Being a Swiss mother of two boys aged 8 and 10 (born abroad), I am deeply imbued with multiculturalism. We are the true definition of a tutti fruttifamily: coming from Belgian-Portuguese parents and having a Franco-Armenian-Vietnamese husband!

The transmission of emotions – through communication, Pilates, theatre or even cooking – is at the heart of my life. Passionate, all-in, dynamic and positive, I speak loudly and with my hands, I like to laugh, unite and above all share my positive energy, joie de vivre and good humor around me.

Graduating with a Master's degree from HEC, I worked in watchmaking and jewelry for almost 10 years, traveling a lot as Training and Marketing Manager. When I had just signed for the job of my dreams, life called me back to basics and my priorities changed... I became pregnant and resigned my job as I was ready to put my years of career on the shelf for a while and dedicate my life fully to my first pregnancy and to refocus on myself. A few months later, my husband was sent to Madrid and that's where we started our great expatriation adventure.

Trained and certified in Coaching since 2018 (ICF, ACC Coach), I have developed my listening skills, learned to guide, dared to express my curiosity and made room for my intuition. An amazing journey that fulfilled my need to share and transcend!

Pilates by Chrys _ Chrysline Kirassian - Nyon Rolle La Côte _ © photo Anna de Wit
Fascia Trainer - Pilates by Chrys La Côte | © logo studio créatif


I am not the physical stereotype of the sports coach: I have shapes and curves (it serves to warm the heart…). Even if I accept these kilos today and am at peace with my body and with its history, we have come a long way. 


I am indeed a former obese and have been since my childhood. Dietician, appetite suppressants, eating disorder therapy, psychiatrist, I have tried everything since the age of 10. Unfortunately this toxic relationship, fuelled by many frustrations, was never really dealt with. We wanted to eliminate the kilos but not the “why” of the kilos… 

In 2006, a diagnosis of morbid obesity was made and to stop this downward spiral, I underwent a gastric bypass surgery.

I lost 70kg, which is half of my weight. It was a radical change in my life, in my daily life, in my diet. But it was above all a change in my relationship to my body and my future.


New practices have been put in place to seek the true balance that my body and my head needed. To improve my posture, build deep muscles, tone my skin (thus avoiding plastic surgery) and anchor healthy habits, I then turned to Pilates. What an encounter... movement, mindful breathing, strength, elasticity in the training of my fascias... In short, it was everything I needed to reform myself, release my energy in a healthy way, anchor myself and connect body and mind. 


From a regular practice, it has become a daily need, especially when pregnant or in my various expatriations: THE key to my bubble, my well-being and my personal balance. I learned to work as a team with this body, to love it, to accept it and to take care of it. I am so grateful for this life path, this journey. So proud to show my children the anchor of balance. 

"Every moment of our life can be the beginning of great things."

Joseph Pilates

Pilates by Chrys _ Chrysline Kirassian - Nyon Rolle La Côte _ © photo Anna de Wit


Pilates Matwork Coach – Training & Certification @Fitspro Ecole du Mouvement, certification EREPS 99282

Pilates and small material @Fitspro Ecole du Mouvement

Back and posture @Fitspro Ecole du Mouvement

Pilates for Senior and Pregnant women @Fitspro Ecole du Mouvement

Pilates Apparatus Instructor (Reformer, Chair, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector) – Training & Certification @Fitspro Ecole du Mouvement, certification EREPS 99282

Centre for Spatial Medicine, Workshop “Fascia in movement“, Karin Lorcher, @MoveLab 2022

Workshop “Fascia in Training and injury rehabilitation”, Sean James, @MoveLab 2022

Neuro Fascia Workshop, Esther Albini @MoveLab 2023

Fascia Trainer, Training and Certification @Fascia_by, Nicole Pfister et Regula Calloni

Pilates « Reformer & Tower » Advanced Training – Training @Fitspro Ecole du Mouvement

Pilates & Pregnant women on Apparatus – Training @Fitspro Ecole du Mouvement

Fascia, Pilates & Reformer @Fascia_by, Nicole Pfister et Regula Calloni

Fascia, Pilates & Matwork @Fascia_by, Nicole Pfister et Regula Calloni


Pilates by Chrys _ Chrysline Kirassian - Nyon Rolle La Côte _ © photo Anna de Wit
  • Tame your body and train it in its entirety, its functionality, in tensegrity, with the fascias

  • Reconnect with yourself through mindful breathing, movement and letting go 

  • Anchor good habits to adopt to make peace between body and mind

  • Live light moments, of sharing, of laughter, where caring and listening are at the heart of everything

  • Dare to be yourself, in your body, with your difference, your wounds, your journey, another culture

“In ten sessions you will feel the difference, in twenty sessions you will see the difference and in thirty sessions you will have a new body." 

Joseph Pilates

Pilates by Chrys _ Chrysline Kirassian - Nyon Rolle La Côte _ © photo Anna de Wit
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