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General terms
and conditions

Private, semi-private and group lessons

ARTICLE 1 – Acceptance of the conditions

By using Pilates by Chrys and paying for the services required, you (the “customer”) enter into a contract with Chrysline Kirassian, for Pilates’ class services.

This contract is subject to a number of terms and conditions which are detailed below. The client acknowledges having read it before registering for a course. Any registration (and payment) implies acceptance of the general conditions.


ARTICLE 2 – Services

Chrysline Kirassian provides the customer with Pilates’ class services which the customer agrees to pay at the rate in effect at the time of payment.


ARTICLE 3 – Pricing

The price of each course is given as an indication. Chrysline Kirassian reserves the right to modify them without notice. In the event of a price increase, the customer will continue to benefit from the price in force at the time of payment, until the corresponding credit is exhausted.


ARTICLE 4 – Payments

Courses are sold individually, as a package or as a term subscription.

Purchased courses are non-refundable and the corresponding credit must be used by the customer over a maximum period of 3 months (from the date of the first course) for packages, or over the current term period for subscriptions. The subscription is effective from the date of the first lesson.

If the credit is not used within the time limit, the amount paid is definitively acquired, without Chrysline Kirassian being required to provide the services agreed with the customer.


ARTICLE 5 – Suspension of subscriptions / packages

All subscriptions and packages can be suspended for reasons of long accident upon presentation of a medical certificate and in accordance with the instructor. Any suspension must be made by email with a supporting document before the start date of the suspension. During a suspension, the subscription or plan might be suspended and extended if necessary for the period of suspension, depending on courses availabilities.


ARTICLE 6 – Class management

The course program is subject to change at any time. The updated schedule will be communicated to customers by email or message.

If the number of participants is not reached, a class may be cancelled.

The client undertakes to respect the safety rules, as well as the instructions of the instructor during the practice of Pilates. He undertakes to adopt a respectful behaviour towards the other participants and the instructor and to be respectful of the equipment made available. Chrysline Kirassian reserves the right to refuse access to the studio to a client who does not respect the studio environment.


ARTICLE 7 – Cancellation of lessons and delays

A reservation can be cancelled with a minimum notice of 24 hours. In case of cancellation without respecting this deadline, the course will be credited or invoiced.


ARTICLE 8 – Force Majeure

The occurrence of a case of force majeure has the effect of suspending the performance of Chrysline Kirassian's contractual obligations. Is a case of force majeure, any event beyond the control of Chrysline Kirassian and hindering its normal operation.


ARTICLE 9 – Customer health information

As with any physical workout, there are a number of health risks associated with practicing Pilates. The client acknowledges being aware of the risks accepts them and confirms that he does not have any particular medical restrictions, does not suffer from a disability or an illness prohibiting him from practicing Pilates regularly.

In case of doubt about his health, physical condition or safety, the customer agrees to seek medical advice to validate his ability to practice the activity, before making the first payment.


It is not Chrysline Kirassian's responsibility to determine the participant's ability to practice Pilates, nor can it be held liable in the event of poor declaration made by the client as to his physical condition or in the event of injury resulting from incapacitation, impairment or any other alteration of his physical condition


Chrysline Kirassian can only agree to provide the services to the client on the express condition that the latter informs her, at the latest during the first lesson, if he suffers from a heart, respiratory or articular disease; that the latter informs him of any change in the situation resulting from the information initially provided in accordance with the foregoing.


The client must carefully follow the instructions given by the Pilates teacher during each class. In case of malaise, shortness of breath, dizziness, fluctuations in heart rate, muscle pain or any other physical symptom during a class, the client agrees to spontaneously stop the exercise and immediately inform the teacher of Pilates.


Pilates classes are open to all pregnant women with no contraindication from their doctor from the 12th week until the end. It is the responsibility of the client to provide a medical certificate from the doctor / gynaecologist confirming their ability to follow the courses. The exercise program will be adapted to the change in the body week after week in order to guarantee maximum safety.


Chrysline Kirassian cannot be held liable for any damage to the Customer's health resulting from the Customer's failure to comply with the aforementioned obligations.


ARTICLE 10 – Obligations and Responsibilities

The customer agrees to be fully insured personally in Civil Liability, illness and accident for all risks related to his participation, whether caused to himself or to third parties by his act.

In its relationship with the customer, Chrysline Kirassian generally declines all liability, except for damage caused intentionally or by gross negligence.

The client confirms that he is fully responsible for any injuries that may occur during the course. The client waives any claim against Chrysline Kirassian for the Pilates classes.


The client agrees to follow the instructions presented during the class and to practice at an intensity level appropriate for him. The client decides voluntarily whether he is suitable for the courses.


The client is also solely responsible for the safety and integrity of all personal effects he brings with him to the course and/or leaves in the locker room. It is his sole responsibility to look after his property and he cannot hold the instructor responsible in the event of theft, loss or depredation of his property.

ARTICLE 11 – Data protection & image rights

During the registration process and as part of the relationship that may result from it, Chrysline Kirassian collects a certain amount of personal information about the customer (including name, address, telephone number, date of birth, gender, e-mail address, information on the Client's state of health, etc.).

Under no circumstances will Chrysline Kirassian disclose the personal data relating to the client to a third party, unless the law or the decision of a competent authority obliges it to do so.


Chrysline Kirassian may take photos and videos at the studio for marketing purposes and for her website. Chrysline Kirassian has complete freedom in the choice of images, editing and any cuts subject to respect for the image of the client. In case of refusal, an initialled annotation can denounce this use.


ARTICLE 12 – Applicable law and competent courts in the event of a dispute

Swiss domestic law is exclusively applicable. In the event of a dispute, Chrysline Kirassian and the customer submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent ordinary courts of the Canton of Vaud (VD).



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Document modified on June 1st, 2024

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